#107 Spilt

Artist: Cate Cormack

Artist Statement:
This work delves into the experience of letting go and felt sense of what it means to voluntarily or reluctantly cease to hold onto something in our personal lives, communities, and the world at large. My process of art making is also about transition and impermanence. As I work, the relationships, atmospheric environments, and interaction among shapes evolve. I encounter my own bewildering and brave acts of releasing, acceptance and finally the relinquishment of finishing the piece!

Materials and Process:
This piece is painted and collaged with paper, marble dust, rabbit skin glue and various acrylic and water based paints onto a wooden panel. Using a mix of mediums and media where I can take an experimental approach is energising. Texture and translucency are very seductive surfaces where I can bury and excavate colour and form. In this piece rabbit skin glue, a traditional gesso, was applied to make unique ‘glass chipped’ surface patterns.

Size: 60 cm width x 55 cm height
Price: $880

Website: https://www.catecormack.com
Instagram: catecormackspilt
Email: catejudson@gmail.com
Phone: 0491726393

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