#68 Tomorrow

Artist: Willow Lamour

I’m inspired by humanities unexpected and quirky forms.

I wanted to shake things up and depart from the social norms which dictate societal beauty, creating an abstract supplicating figure far removed from what’s expected.

I’ve always loved the creative visual expression of artwork. The past 5 years my creative outlet has been through textiles with work, this year I discovered and fell in love with the creative process of Midjourney AI, creating my own digital art pieces.

Materials and process:
I used the AI program Midjourney to create the original artwork, refining the piece until it reflected my desired outcome.

The artwork was then upscaled and tweaked in photoshop.

Printed on German etch paper and framed.

Size: 45cm x 60cm
Price: $450
Prints are available: willow@lamourartisans.com or 0491 732 617

Website: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/ArtbyWillowLamour@willowlamour_art
Instagram: @willowlamour_art
Email: willow@lamourartisans.com
Phone: 0491732617

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